The Regenerative Soil Primer

A combination application of Spectrum™, Rejuvenate™, and SeaShield™ that keeps your soil teeming with biological activity.


Features and Benefits

Ensure a successful inoculation event of beneficial soil microbial populations to:
  • Increase early cover crop success
  • Digest crop residue more rapidly
  • Decrease the chance of overwintering disease
  • Increase bioavailability of macro- and micronutrients in the soil
  • Increase porosity and soil tilth
  • Build natural resistance to disease and insects

BioCoat Gold™

A dry, mycorrhizal biological seed treatment and inoculant for all seed types, designed to support germination and strong initial growth.

Features and Benefits

BioCoat Gold™ acts as a catalyst for early, more even seed germination. Seeds that germinate at the same time will pass through growth stages together and will be ready to harvest together. BioCoat Gold™ contains:

  • Seaweed to provide potassium for strong root growth and seedling vigor
  • Calcium to aid germination by countering environmental inhibitors
  • Humic substances to support the microbial population that supplies plant-available nutrients

How The Regenerative Soil Primer and BioCoat Gold™ Work Together

BioCoat_GoldTM_and_Soil_Primer_Infographic_2 (1)

The combination of the Regenerative Soil Primer and BioCoat Gold™ ensures optimum fungal and bacterial colonization for enhanced nutrient uptake.

In my opinion as a degreed horticulturist from Texas A&M, these are some of the best products available in the Western hemisphere.

~ M.H.

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