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Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Our world is at a pivotal moment, where the traditional systems that have long sustained our agriculture are showing their cracks. Farmers aspire to grow nourishing food, sustain their livelihoods, and steward their lands for generations to come. Yet, the road to achieving this vision is often cluttered with unsustainable practices and broken food systems.


That's where we come in. We aim to provide the guidance, tools, and resources farmers need to cultivate crops that are more resilient, more productive, and more profitable. We want to turn agriculture into a true force for good, benefiting not only our environment but also the very livelihoods of those who depend on it. It's time to invest in a greener, more sustainable tomorrow – one field at a time. Join us in shaping the future of farming!

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A Message From Our Founder: John Kempf

Hi Friends, 

We know AEA has the tools, but the why behind regeneration is the key.

Regeneration needs to be much deeper than just regenerating soil health. Regeneration is fundamentally about regenerating landscapes at all levels. Relationships between soil biology and plants, between livestock and the landscape, between farmers and eaters. But for us, right in this moment, we desire to develop relationships with our supporters, our customers, and our team. Regenerating relationships means shifting relationships to be deeply collaborative, symbiotic, and synergistic, rather than the transactional and extractive relationships that prevail in the contemporary agribusiness world of today. 

I invite you to invest in our work at Advancing Eco Agriculture, contribute to creating the better world we know is possible, and participate in changing the way food is grown around the world.

Together, we have the opportunity to create change, to revitalize rural communities and our food systems, and transform our planet. 

Hang on for the ride,

John Kempf

Founder & Chief Vision Officer

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