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Set and Protect More Fruit Buds With the AEA Post-Harvest Program

For most perennial crops, the buds for next year are initiated while the fruit is still on the tree or after harvest. By applying mineral nutrition during the post-harvest season, you can dramatically influence the success of next year’s crop.


What is the Post-Harvest Season?

The post-harvest season typically happens four to six weeks before dormancy. For some crops, such as nuts, this phase may occur when there’s still fruit on the tree. Post-harvest is an important part of the perennial growth cycle, but unfortunately, many growers cease nutritional applications at this stage. A nutrient imbalance at bud initiation leads to fewer buds that are smaller and weaker, fruit abortion, a lack of uniformity in buds, and buds that remain vegetative instead of productive. Our agronomy experts recommend foliar applications before dormancy to help plants navigate winter stress and give them the energy needed to start in spring.

How to Get Started

Implementing a Post-Harvest Program on Your Operation

1) Perform sap analysis to identify the exact nutrient profile of your crop.


2) Examine sap analysis to detect any deficiencies, paying particular attention to vital post-harvest nutrients, including copper, manganese, zinc, boron, and calcium. Work with an AEA consultant to analyze sap results and design your custom post-harvest program.


3) Make your foliar applications to pack buds with the nutrition needed for a strong start in next season's crop. 

AEA's Post-Harvest

AEA produces a wide range of liquid mineral nutrition products that can be used during the post-harvest season. Our post-harvest applications are designed to supply what your perennial crops and soil need to bounce back after a long fruiting season, and they are currently on sale for a limited time.

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Rebound™ Boron
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Rebound™ Cobalt
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Rebound™ Iron
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Rebound™ Manganese

Grower Success Stories

Many growers who use AEA's Post-Harvest Program see improvements in yield, fruit quality, and freeze resistance.

"We follow the Post-Harvest Program to ensure that the plants have all the nutrients and energy for optimum bud set for the coming year. It also provides the opportunity to feed the microbes in the soil over winter."

—Gurprit Singh Brar, Blueberry Grower in British Columbia

“I view this as a very important time of the season to have a substantial influence on next season's crops. We’ve noticed over the last five years that we've substantially increased the size of our spur leaves in the spring, and our fruit are much larger, and we have more of them. I think the Post-Harvest Program is integral to that.”

—Mike Omeg, Cherry Grower in Oregon 

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Prepare Your Crop for Next Season

“The greatest loss of yield potential occurs
when post-harvest applications are missed.”

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-John Kempf

Founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture