It's not too late to influence your quality and yield. 

Make 2022 the year you get started with regenerative agriculture! 

There's still time this season to achieve gains in quality and yield with biological and mineral nutrition from Advancing Eco Agriculture. Through nutrient assessment and timely in-season applications of targeted nutrition, you can adopt a regenerative approach to influence this year’s corn and bean crop.

  •  Soybeans - Increase pod set, fill, and protect yield
    • With well-balanced nutritional reproductive foliar applications we see reduced pod abortion and 30-50% increase in pod set.
    • Monitor for nutrient short fall at pod fill. AEA programs provide for nutrient needs to finish the season strongly.
  •  Corn - Reduce tar spot and retain yield
    • AEA’s nutritional product applications increase inherent plant immunity to pathogens such as tar spot.
    • AEA provides a strong potential for yield by impacting kernel length, test weight, and other crop quality markers
  • Reduce or eliminate PGRs on Cotton
    • At AEA we are able to maintain short internodes and strong reproductive energy without the use of PGRs, maximizing growing days.
    • With AEA's liquid mineral nutritional products, cotton growers can improve square retention, boll fill and fiber quality.

We work with growers like you!

AEA works with growers across the US to create customized crop programs, combining our biological and mineral nutrition products with regenerative practices to improve crop quality, yields, and disease and insect resistance while regenerating soil health.

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Data Informed

We don't guess, we test. We use Plant Sap Analysis data to indicate plant mineral levels and highlight nutritional deficiencies and excesses before they show up in the crop.

Targeted Nutrition

Our macro- and micronutrient products provide plant-available organic forms of key nutrients to resist disease and insect pressures, increase quality and yield, and improve soil health for the future.

"An excellent ethical company with true soil and plant health always in the forefront of their minds and actions. I recommend AEA, their consulting services and their products at least once a week to people." Carlton M.
"It brings the important Agricultural information to the grass roots where farmers can learn about bringing soils back to life." Peter C.
"Excellent customer service. Their products work well! This company is a trailblazer in ag." Nick S.